Frequently Asked Questions

You are not obligated to work with RG Housing if you submit a form. If you’d just like to see what your property is worth in as-is condition, feel free to submit your information and we’ll be glad to help!

Our cash offers are never opinionated, but strictly dictated off of TWO important factors:

    1. What the market is telling us: What are other properties similar to yours being sold for in CASH?
    2. Property condition: How much money is it going to take for us to fix the property up to its market value, or up to its market rent? This is based on your property’s current condition.

NONE! The good thing about working with RG Housing is that we take care of all closing costs, the title policy, and any other normal fees associated with our closing. Since we are an investment company and NOT realtors, you don’t owe us a commission for working with us.

There are many people that may not be willing or able to afford paying for their side of closing costs or a large commission when they go down the traditional route. Also with an as-is sale, it’s tougher for a property to appraise at the amount it needs to be at for financing to go through. Good news with us is that we pay all cash, and you don’t have to calculate how much is being deducted from the sales price since we cover all closing costs & fees!